Are you the next Busi Jazz, DJ China, or Jullian Gomes? Then this is your cue to show your skills as a deejay, producer, vocalist and instrumentalist.

DMS is offereing a 12 month mentorship to 2 of the BEST.

All standard DANCE MUSIC SUMMIT competition rules apply including the following ;

Entrants must be 18 years or older and in possession of a South African ID or passport

The mix must be unique to this contest and must reflect the theme for this year (Power Of Performance)

The competition is under way and entrants have until 17 March 2020 to submit their  mixes & tracks.

  • You may only submit 2 tracks max, so please choose wisely. Anyone presenting more than 2 tracks will automatically be disqualified.

  • Mixes 30 minutes max  (longer mixes will be disqualified)

  • Subject Line: TICKET NUMBER + Genre ( Either House, Techno, or Dance)

  • The track must be unsigned, contain no uncleared samples, and be an original track produced by you. If your music fails to meet these criteria, you will not be considered. 

When sending mixes make sure you add your ticket number.