A young lady, holding her LL.B in SA Law, LL.M in Business Property Law, professionally holds the title Corporate and Criminal Law Attorney, and Property Conveyancer. She has the eagerness and working style that’s quiet dynamic which brings an extended wavier. Her ability to multitask on challenging and different situations are what drives her second career as Record label and DJ Artist/Producer Management. 

Record Labels: 

Both legal and music trademarks drives the expectations bona fide. While confidentiality of information is preserved, her legal expertise blankets over record labels Do It Now Recordings, Deepstitched Records and Music Basket. Subsequent, management extends on daily administrative concerns of the record labels wherein such business affairs are in her domain. 

Legal Practice: 

Professionally, her acceptance on all mandates of civil claims, divorce matters, criminal law matters, juvenile matters and MVA claims precedes matters on Music and Entertainment law, however, drafting and advising on DJ and artist agreements; attending to all legal issues arising within the corporate business and entertainment; assisting such departments thereof with all legal queries and legal letters drafted are advised upon within the music realm. 

DJ and Artist Management: 

Such precision entails coordinating and streamlining the efforts of everyone under Feeling Groovy Management. As for an artist; agents, publishers, label A&Rs, PR people and others, as manager, she shields the artist from the outside world, take care of all business affairs and to find and involve people that believe in the artist and want to work for them. She is involved artistically, helping curate and develop the musical content and branding. Any concern on creative ideas, which are very personal in nature. She believes that for artists to receive and appreciate feedback from a manager, it’s necessary to establish trust but also to have respect for each other’s authority on certain subjects. She can be critical about certain things to her artists under Felling Groovy Management, because they respect her opinions on those matters. 

Her application within the Music Industry overview exertion: 

 Artist Managers and Booking Agents; 

 Music Publishers, Syncs and Licensing; 

 Record Label Management, A&Rs, Distribution, Pluggers, PR; and 

 Brand/Artist Management Contracts.